Life Balance – Mind, Body, Spirit

The other day I was talking about how Triangles are the strongest geometric shape in the world. Its shape is very simple: a flat base with two sides that come together at the top to meet at a point. They are rigid, able to stand freely, and able to support their own weight. They do this against the forces of gravity.A great example of the triangle’s strength is the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt, built around 2575 BC, it is one of the largest surviving pyramids in the world today, WOW!When we are balanced; mind, body, spirit, we are like the triangle, we are stronger and can stand freely.Try this exercise, take a piece of paper and pencil or pen, on the paper draw a triangle. On the left side of the triangle write the word MIND, on the right side write the word BODY, and at the bottom write the word SPIRIT. Now in the center of the triangle write your own name.The POINT is really three points (as a triangle has three points):
If you are NOT taking care of all of the sides; mind, body, or spirit, then you are NOT a triangle anymore – You are OUT OF BALANCE.
When one of these areas of your life is out of balance, in total you are out of balance and lose all your strength – YOU become vulnerable.
To be the woman you were created to be it is imperative to be in balance with all three; mind, body, and spirit.
Are you balanced in your life? Are you a triangle?If your answers are NO to both questions, then what can you start to do today to get back into balance? What can you do to get your body healthy from the inside out? How can you de-clutter and clear your mind? What are you feeding your spirit?Create a list of what actions you can and will take to start your “re-balancing” program, enabling you to become a triangle and regain your strength and power.Make action step #1 to post at least one step on your “re-balancing” program here! I would love to see what steps you are going to take! Have questions? It would be a pleasure to answer them and I’m sure a help to all of my readers.

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